The Big Game - SuperBowl LIII

The Big Game - SuperBowl LIII SUPER BOWL LIII RAMS vs. PATRIOTS Where: ATLANTA When: FEB. 3, 3:30 P.M. PST The young LA Rams are set to take on the legacy of the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII (53) in Atalanta at the Mercedes Benz Stadium. For us it really doesn’t matter which team your root on…..cough….Go Rams! we want you to have a enjoyable experience at the Super Bowl. We get it, you are spending a small fortune on your tickets to the big game, and perhaps the down payment on a home for your table at one of the many parties. But don’t forget your ground transportation plan while you call jet charter company to secure your flights. After all you can’t be seen getting out of the Prius, that Tom is driving on Uber. The team here at BlackStar has now worked the last 5 SuperBowls….while we can’t wait for it to be here in LA we still are everywhere taking care of our clients. We understand the importance of securing your chauffeured transportation as you will be in a sea of black SUV’s no matter where you go in town. Reach out to our team to discuss your transportation options. Airport Transfers - ATL - KFY - PDK : SUV’s starting at $225 Hourly Charter - SUV - 6 Hour Minimum - Starting at $125 \ Hr. Hourly Charter - SUV - GAME DAY! - 12 Hour Minimum - $135 \ Hr. *Parking, Tolls, Airport Fees are not included in pricing. 20% Service Charge (Gratuity) and 20% STC are added to all base fares.